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How to shop for the best laminate flooring

Laminate flooring is a remarkable echo of genuine wood, stone, and ceramic tile. A multi-layered product, fused to make one entity, includes a backing, core, design layer, and a top clear aluminum oxide coating to protect the surface from scratches and scuffs. This highly affordable product also comes with numerous advantages such as durability, easy-care, and simple installation. Like anything else, laminate has different quality levels, so here are some tips on selecting the best one for your installation.

Know the two versions

This product has long been a popular alternative to genuine wood, but now a waterproof type was introduced to the US market. Now it can be installed in every room, including kitchens and baths. A unique construction keeps spills at the top, eliminating any concerns about absorption, staining, and peeling. Please be mindful that the original, water-resistant version is also on the market, so be very specific about which version you want

Thickness matters

A more robust laminate floor means a higher quality one. Thicker surfaces hide subfloor imperfections, eliminate squeaks and other noises, and offer more design options. If you can, try to opt for a thickness of 10-mm or 12-mm.

Know about the Abrasion Criteria (AC) Rating

One of the most reliable rating systems, AC, is a one-to-five structure, increasing as the numerals do. For example, AC1 is meant for low traffic floors, while AC3 and AC4 are best for moderate to heavy residential floors and even light commercial applications. AC5 is for heavy-duty commercial use.

Get a professional installation

Many say the installation is as necessary as the product, and we agree. A well-done installation can make a budget-floor look high-end and will even enhance some characteristics. For example, we'll use joint extenders and caulking when necessary to help water resistance. Professionals also have the experience to foresee specific problems, avoid them, and then quickly and efficiently address them if they do happen.

Whether it’s a more simple installation like a laminate floating floor or a more complicated tongue and groove/nail down of solid hardwood, you can always be sure of a high-quality residential or commercial flooring installation with SeaFloor Carpet Hardwood & More. Visit our showroom in Berlin, MD, to explore our offerings and learn about our other services, including area rug binding, design consultation, kitchen & bath remodeling, free quotes, and more. We work with homeowners and businesses inOcean City, MD, Berlin, MD, Ocean View, DE, Selbyville, DE and Salisbury, MD. For a free laminate flooring quote, visit us today.

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