When you are adequately prepared, you'll know who is responsible for what, and that avoids delays.  For example, if you assume the flooring company will move all the furniture when they only move the heavy items, you'll be scrambling at the last minute to grab electronics, breakables, and small items.  This can add an hour or two to the process.  Following is a checklist of how to prepare from Sea Floor Carpet Hardwood & More, your one-stop flooring store in Berlin, MD.

Will new flooring cause height issues?

Find out ahead of time if you need to remove any doors, moldings, or baseboards for the installation. Some flooring options,  such as hardwood, do require removal because they'll not only hinder the installer but automatically create height issues.  The last thing you want is to have a gorgeous new floor, only to find out that you can no longer shut the room's door.

Understand your subfloor and report the findings before the installation

Some subfloors, such as concrete, will require plywood or mesh boards before installation. Explore the subfloor and talk to the installer to see if special requirements are needed.  Also, look to see if it needs repair and find out who is responsible for that.

Keep in mind that installation can be messy and noisy.  Therefore, close off the other rooms to protect them from dust and other substances and find out about odors and whether windows should be open. Talk to your municipality to see if there are requirements regarding disposal and waste. Keep children and pets secured for their safety and make alternate cooking or bathing arrangements if needed.

We’ll help you prepare for your new flooring. To learn more, come into Sea Floor- Carpet Hardwood & More in Berlin, MD, for information and a free quote; we work with homeowners and businesses in and around Ocean City, Berlin, Ocean View, Selbyville, and Salisbury.