Yes, because luxury vinyl flooring (LVF) follows all trends, you can also get California coastal, urban modern, traditional, contemporary, or whatever decor you want.

Luxury vinyl and farmhouse-style

Reflecting rural architecture, farmhouse-style emphasizes simplicity, rustic charm, and coziness. With imperfections and quirks, such as raised grains and knots, wood floors are often a cornerstone of this style and patterned and terracotta tiles.

With luxury vinyl, you can get incredibly realistic images of wood, stone, and tile with all the patterns and characteristics. It's even cut into boards, called luxury vinyl plank or LVP or square tile-sized pieces that can be used with or without grout called luxury vinyl tile (LVT).

Luxury vinyl benefits

1. Affordable style: All photos are taken with high-definition photography, so they're clear and vibrant, showing knots, raised grains, swirls, veining variations, and brilliant colors and patterns. The images have depth, dimension, and textured features, such as wire-brushed, hand scraped, weathered, or distressed.

This follows all the trends, whether you want mahogany, gray, greige, or whitewashed floors. Even stone surfaces such as marble, granite, quartz, slate, travertine, or terrazzo; or tile patterns like colorful geometrics, encaustic styles, chevron, herringbone, etc. (This is hardly a complete list!)

Sometimes even the flooring experts have trouble telling the difference, but you’ll know because you won’t pay nearly the same as you would for genuine materials.

2. Waterproof durability: True LVF should measure in thickness from 8-mm to 12-mm. A multi-layered product at the top is a transparent, strong melamine wear layer that protects the floor from scratches, scuffs and keeps spills from absorbing.

It is also made of entirely waterproof materials that can be submerged or spilled on without damage.

3. Low maintenance: LVF needs only regular sweeping and periodic mopping with a manufacturer-approved cleaner. Installation is also easy, especially when it's a floating floor where the pieces click to mat sand then hover over the subfloor without nails or glue.

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